Looking for experienced and active players

We are currently just under 6 million in strength and growing.

We are looking to bring in some fresh and active members for the new war season to replace members that have not been doing their part for some time.
Last season we placed in Silver 1 and aiming for Gold 2 this season.
We hold no event requirements except for SA, although a lot of our members like to do arena, duels and item use.

War and Quest are also mandatory. We run map 33333 and we were previously in tier 10 but due to a fall in participation have dropped. We are looking to rememdy this with active players who can hold their own in both war and quest.

Looking for experienced players of 200k+ or close to it to join our team. We have a few spots available so can take groups of friends that work together.

We communicate via discord only.

Comment under if you do not have discord and we can help you get it set up if you would like to join.

If you already have discord then contact me: AaronQ123#1331
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