*** 7.4 mil alliance for 9 dedicated team players ***

We are PHEAR Ascending, a friendly 7.4 million alliance. We are currently looking for 9 new members to join our alliance to rebuild it back to 30 members. We communicate via our Facebook page, so a Facebook profile is required.

Please be self motivated, active, willing to compete in all events and have an understanding of AQ/AW procedures. Being slightly crazy could be a big plus too.

We are an active alliance who understand people have real lives and jobs, but who are also active in game and willing to put the time in to get the rewards.

A few rules of the alliance:

1) A Facebook account is required as this is how we communicate, we have found its the best way.

2) AQ: Running maps 35553 until we are back up to full compliment, when we are we will run map 55555 - We need commitment from team members to finish these maps.

3) Treasury contributions are 135K gold, 30K battle chips and 12500 loyalty, all due by close of play on a Wednesday night

4) We require full participation in AQ and AW - not just joining or placing champs. You will be expected to pull your weight.

5) We will never tell you that you have to use units/real money in this game, that is an individuals choice, if you want to, go for it.

If you are going to be absent from the game for whatever reason we ask that you let one of the officers or myself know so we can plan around it.

This is nothing more than any other alliance will ask for and is probably less than a lot more ask for.

If this is you, please add Gone-Again, or one of the Officers, to request membership.
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