10 mill relaxed alliance looking for one.

Psychonaut 10 mill relaxed and mature alliance, are looking for a new recruit.

We run 4 4 4 3 3 in AQ and are in advance bracket, each week we place in the top 800 in this bracket.

AW we are in Gold 3 and run AW when ever it is available. We always run 3 BG with pre-set routes.

For donations we do not require a set amount we only ask, that you donate as much as you can afford. When we are running low on treasury however, we will ask every member to donate gold.

We do not save for SA and hit 41-70% or 21-40% weekly.

Our only requirements from our recruits:-

You must be able to join AQ, AW and complete your line. Whilst also having an strong enough roaster, to be able to place at least 4/40 defenders.

To apply contact myself on line prime_zombination


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