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13MIL ALLIANCE LF 1 >>> AW GOLD 1, TIER 4 AQ5X5, 5200+ PRESTIGE Required.

GreywardenGreywarden Posts: 795 ★★★★

About our group:
Our goal is to be a Platinum alliance this season. We were top 50-100 in Gold 1 last season until a rough patch we hit which was mainly due to the 1-2 players we needed to replace which we did a little too late. Tough to win when you have 2 people giving up 10 deaths every war :neutral:

We had someone leave due to life stuff going on so we need a replacement ASAP.

We finished this season at 136 in Gold 1 and we've got as high as Platinum 3 during last season. We want to get back there and stay there!


What we're looking for
1 player with 5200+ prestige
Well developed rosters that can handle AQ 5x5 and AW defense/offense (a great defense would be awesome)
Being able to handle your path i.e. not constantly dying
Boss killers welcome
EST Timezone

Donations are 130k gold, 30k BC and 12.5 Loyalty

If interested, hit me up on Line and fill me in on your skills!

Line ID: pcd0912



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