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I have total 18 champions as 5* and im struggling hard to grind in featured 5* arena for 2k yet alone 1k shards. Saving up for 10k every two weeks anticipating for another option for a 5* new champ for arena i open to get another dupe champion to the amount i have duped 10 of my champions more than twice each and my total number havnt increased. Is these openings still RNG based or have kabam made sure im getting dupes for me to spend money on the featured 5* arena..This is getting ridiculous now.


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    You dont like 6* shards?
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    Demonzfyre wrote: »
    You dont like 6* shards?

    i love 6 star shards.
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    Not sure how many 5* I have, but it's somewhere around 20. Got a couple good ones in there like Blade, star Lord, drax, and crossbones, all unduped. I currently have just two dupes, Kamala Khan and Gambit (twice). But hey, the grind is what keeps us coming back man. You realize how boring the game would be if you opened Blade back to back, then starky, then rider, then AA...you get where I'm going? There would be no challenge left if all you pulled were great champs.
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    @Northwestbrosef still it would be nic to see a new champ once inawhile even someone who sucks
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    If you're opening a 5* every fortnight, why would it matter how many times you dupe rubbish, the 6* shards are probably worth more than most of the champs in the 5* pool anyway.
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