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Looking For An Alliance Merger/Recruitment

What's up fellow summoner?

Tirnock here looking for a merger with my alliance Aussie Intruders or Aus for short. We're a 6.5 million rated alliance that placed in GOLD 2 during the last season of Alliance Wars, as well as a pretty good track record of wins. In addition we're a generally relaxed, friendly, organised but competitive alliance. Getting straight to the point, we're looking to have at least 10 members (more or less) from an alliance to join merge with us. We do have few criteria set out in search of the ideal alliance to merge with us:

  • Preferred that the 10 members that would join could run as 1 autonomous BG
  • Willing to do AQ 53322 or a variation, although this could be up for discussion
  • Around 200k-400k rated players would generally fit best

If you're interested, or would like to know more, feel free to send me a PM via LINE app. Line ID is exzibit001
On the other hand, if you're inquiring about individual recruitment, do also send a LINE message.


  • TirnockTirnock Posts: 56
  • Nova9000Nova9000 Posts: 35
    U still need a merger? Let's talk details if ur interested
  • tbirdiamtbirdiam Posts: 13
    Do you have a solid 20? Could you get your number down to 15 for a merger?
  • TirnockTirnock Posts: 56
    We do have a general 20 members, however there is potential to cut down. If you want to discuss further we do use Line app for communication
  • oxeldropoxeldrop Posts: 9
    we've grown back to 26 now, and it looks like we're no longer in the market for a merger. thank you for responding to tirnock.
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