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Pulled a 4* Cap IW. Need Suggestions

As the title says, pulled a 4* Cap IW and was wondering how to best utilise him. He's at R5/30 and will be maxed soon.

My Questions are:
Does he need the dupe?
What are the best/worst areas of the game to use him?
What would be the best Synergy team to use with him?
Would he be better as an attacker or defender in wars considering war defense synergies are broken?
Any overall suggestions as to using him to his max potential?

I've read the Champion Spotlight but was looking for community feedback on what everyone's thoughts are.
Any and all constructive feedback would be appreciated.


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    charaderdude2charaderdude2 Posts: 1,530 ★★★
    1.Probably,I have an awakening gem reserved for champs like him.
    2.AW/Everything else but AQ
    3.Depends,The mystic one seems nice.
    4.Cap IW,SW,Vision,Hulk,Thor Ragnarok
    5.AW attack,His Glancing isn't reliably annoying
    6.Parry,Parry,Build up kinetic charges,And fire Sp2s for max damage,And with a Tech in the Team,He could potentially reverse healing too.
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