Which Champions need an Ability Makeover?

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Pick a champ, give a reason and how it’ll help you as a summoner.


  • Carnage and venom should get their rework because well everyone knows how bad carnage is and even though venom hits harder he needs to do more with his abilities. It would help for questing a lot.
  • Madman_marvinMadman_marvin Posts: 224 ★★
    Considering I just duped my 5* Iron Patriot, I’m going to say him.
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 163
    Considering I just duped my 5* Iron Patriot, I’m going to say him.

    Wait til you dupe him like 5 times lol
  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,708
    here's a short list

    Hulkbuster - Needs more offensive abilities
    Kamala Khan - needs stronger fury and some heal block
    Spidergwen - fix her l1
    Colossus - needs more offensive abilities like electro
    Magneto - needs more offensive abilities
    Groot - needs to proc his abilities more
    Iron Man - Increase his attack a few
    Iron Patriot - same as iron man and remove the burn out
    She Hulk - give her some fury
    Joe Fixit - increase the strength of his abilities
    Old Man Logan - give him some bleed, decrease the time he pacifie; picturing a burst fighter
    Iron Fist - give him armor shatter like medusa
    Abomination - needs more offensive abilities
    Venom - Needs to replicate without using specials - make it passive and the antithesis of stranges counterspell. just start replicating buffs. Make his special attacks give him the ability to reset the timers on those buffs or allow him to increase the amount of buffs he can replicate. Sp1 Extends timer, Sp2 increases buff slots. Sp3 does both with a max of 6. allow those to carry over fight to fight. Yeah i've put some thought into Venom.
  • Glad someone else pointed out venom.
  • Nabz034Nabz034 Posts: 163
    For me it would be Gamora

    She has no abilities outside her assignation, which can only be used once per fight.

    I think most summoners overlook how weak she is cause she’s not a 5* but for whatever reason, she’s offered as a 6* smh.

    I do hope they buff her cause she is totally useless in AQ, AW, LOL and story quests. There’s no important aspect of the game where she will help a summoner move forward and progress
  • @Nabz034
    Yeah I got gamora as my first 6 star and even though her bleed damage is really good there is nothing else special. Her attacking damage is really bad.
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    Colossus = Armor buff should give increased attack + shrug off stuns x% faster per stack.
    Magneto = Magnetized should work like Danger Sense, giving a large attack bonus in addition to accuracy reduction.
    Gamora = Assassination should reset after landing (10?) crits.
    Groot = Needs to have a way to manually trigger pacifism stacks. Dash back and hold block?
    Old Man Logan = Similar to Groot. Additionally, when under the effects of fury, his claws should be out, allowing bleeds on crits like standard Wolvie.
    Abomination = Sig should also add double the standard chance to poison target when he lands a crit.
    Spidergwen = SP1 should at least do token damage, like Groot's SP2. I'd say at least equivalent to her heavy attack.
    Rocket = He should be using small guns/projectile weapons for most of his light basic attacks, making those not able to be parried, similar to Yondu and the new IWIM.
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    @dkatryl I think rockets attack is fine where its at. He works just like star lord only with crit. it's nice. he's a glass cannon champion like stark spiderman, gwen pool and others. what he needs though is a some auto block or power drain to give more utility. maybe even evade when his armor is up because really have you ever tried to catch a ****??
  • Winner66615Winner66615 Posts: 129
    Same the magneto ability is pretty nice. Ironman should also get a rework.
  • JammJimmJammJimm Posts: 11
    There are quite a few I’d like to see tweaked. Some ideas are:
    Doc Strange - debuff immunity during Oshtur’s Refuge
    Karnak - change it to a percent chance to lose focus when hit with the percentage decreasing as signature level increases. Would also give his SP1 the ability to knock back even unstoppable opponents.
    Ant-man - needs attacks updated in some way. Maybe have him convert fatigue to poison with his SP1 instead of SP2 or make fatigue last longer. Usually a couple charges of fatigue have worn off my the time you can launch a SP2, so the poison damage is kinda pathetic.
  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062
    I'm just salty about my 6* black bolt, somebody fix him plz
  • Outsider75Outsider75 Posts: 61
    dkatryl wrote: »

    Magneto = Magnetized should work like Danger Sense, giving a large attack bonus in addition to accuracy reduction.

    We have a winner here

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