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Why always Hero Use?

How come we never have Villan Use or Merc Use? Maybe there are more heros, but the prize thresholds could be adjusted.


  • lol @flygamer they just call it Hero Use. Doesn't mean Villains and Mercs don't get you points. Although, if they did split it down like you're saying, it would be interesting to see people use specifically Villains, or Mercs to achieve points. However I believe that would be difficult for noobs to compete in as their accounts are more than likely limited to mostly hero champs, a few Villains, and even fewer Mercs. I do like the concept though. Would be interesting to see it employed.
  • flygamerflygamer Posts: 340 ★★
    ok, I guess I didnt state that question right. I would, like you said, like to see events Heros, Villians, Mercs in their own events.
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