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Hey devs!! @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious

I wonder if you could help me out, perhaps give me little feedback on something that has nothing to do with in game issues whatsoever. Can this game get a makeover on twitch? Unlike YouTube and essentially every other game on Twitch - Marvel contest of Champions seems to be the red headed stepchild On this platform.

Out of other amazing games that are hugely community-based, I'm surprised at the lack following on Twitch. I took a couple pictures to show you what I'm talking about and I'm hoping that perhaps someone at Kabam could revamp the presence of Marvel contest of Champions on Twitch.


Now I know this may be a tall order but there isn't even a thumbnail for the game itself. On Twitch when you're an affiliate or a partner people can make money by their viewers purchasing the game via their stream. Could there not be a deal struck between twitch / Amazon to have unit deals available when a twitch streamer is showcasing Marvel contest of Champions? Someone purchases an odin while watching - there be some in game rewards.

I love my following on Youtube but I want to do both and am just shocked at the game's presentation on this insanely large, insanely popular streaming platform.

Cheers Kabam,



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    Thanks for pointing this out! We'll look into getting the icon updated. :)
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    I started trying to update some of them, seeing as how Giantbomb is wiki page. There is also a new release section that could showcase the monthly updates. I would just love to see more Twitch integrations!!! Thanks for the quick response.
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    Any update on this? @Kabam Vydious I know that you can't play MCOC on amazon tablets. Is there some greater power that is holding back the presence on Twitch? Would you even be able to openly comment if this was some sort of contractual roadblock?
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    Hi! A new icon image was submitted for Twitch, but it doesn't look like it has been included yet.
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    Kabam Lyra wrote: »
    Hi! A new icon image was submitted for Twitch, but it doesn't look like it has been included yet.

    I even went to the site that is supposedly updating all of that info on Twitch and submitted images as well. Are there any plans in the future to make MCOC available on Twitch? Perhaps have special unit deals displayed for streamers that are playing MCOC?
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