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Just a thought -

Since the #tags of heroes are starting to come into play more and more, it would be nice if the Filter in the Character menu allowed you to sort by tags.


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    This is abuse
  • Agreed, current “avenger use” event could be easier with this filter option, to more easily see if champs (e.g. Cap CW and Sup IM) count as avengers.
  • JestressJestress Posts: 1,198 ★★★★
    I'd like to bump this, because six months later, I still think this would be a useful feature.
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    Yeah now with everyone and tags based abilities, it’s quite important now
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    Yeah now with everyone and tags based abilities, it’s quite important now
    you're right, and when act six comes out with character requirements, it's only gonna get more important.
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    edited July 8
    I'd like to necro this - let me explain why.

    Objectives are being used more frequently in monthly event quests. This month, it gives the Summoner the opportunity to play with spider-verse characters like #Spider-Verse Hero #Sinistersix and #Symbiote.

    When you are working on the Arena-focused objectives (Win an arena fight with a Spider-Verse Champion), it would make the process easier if you could filter your champion list for specific tags, instead of scrolling through your ever-expanding champion roster.

    Please improve the champion menu in all game features to allow you to filter the list by specific tags!

    This initial suggest was presented over more than a year ago - I think that this feature is overdue.
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