TheWizrdTheWizrd Posts: 2
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Map 2 AQ and many AW. Trying to reach gold by end of season. Message me in game if interested in joining. My gamer tag is The Wizxrd


  • TheWizrdTheWizrd Posts: 2
    The Wizxrd
  • jaycriiijaycriii Posts: 5
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    Hello Wizxrd. Are you still recruiting? I am a Level 20 with a 4star and bunch of 3stars. I’m looking to do alliance quests my alliance doesn’t actually participate. My leader hasn’t been on for 180+ days.
  • randy149randy149 Posts: 3
    I sent you a friend request and I requested to join the alliance. I'm randy~149 in game
  • jaycriiijaycriii Posts: 5
    Thanks so much. Joined!!
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