Dungeons Day - May 26th - Double Milestone Rewards & Extra Rewards for 1 Day Only! [Updated May 23]


We hope you’ve all been enjoying Infinity Dungeons! As the first new mode that we have added to the game in quite some time, we’ve been really excited to see you all play through them, coming together as friends, Alliance Mates, and total strangers to traverse the Infinity Dungeons!

Now that you have all had a chance to get accustomed to Infinity Dungeons, and have some experience with what you can expect to find as you conquer room after room, we want to announce a special day that we have coming up for Infinity Dungeons!

Announcing, Dungeons Day!

Dungeons Day is a 24 hour period that takes place May 26th at 12pm PT until 12pm PT on May 27th. On Dungeons Day, we’re doubling up the rewards in Milestones for Infinity Dungeons! That means twice the Infinity Dust, twice the Gold, and twice the Dark Artifacts as usual! Additionally, for those of you that want to play more Infinity Dungeons, we’re tossing in a couple more Milestones on top of the regular Infinity Dungeons Milestones for that day only!

Prestige Range:

Additional Milestone - Reward

Prestige 0-500

185 - 2-Star Crystal
250 - 2-Star Crystal

Prestige 501-1000

410 - 1000x 3-Star Shards
550 - 1000x 3-Star Shards

Prestige 1001-1500

975 - 1000x 3-Star Shards
1300 - 3-Star Crystal

Prestige 1501-2250

1310 - 3-Star Crystal
1750 - 3-Star Crystal

Prestige 2251-3200

2250 - 3-Star Crystal
3000 - Ultimate Crystal

Prestige 3201-4200

4500 - Ultimate Crystal
6000 - 4-Star Crystal

Prestige 4201+

11 250 - Ultimate Crystal
15 000 - Legendary Crystal

While you’re preparing yourself for this, we want to take a moment to suggest that you might consider gathering together with some Summoners in your local area, and play together! Dungeons are a lot of fun to play with your Alliance Mates and Strangers, but they’re also a lot of fun to play with a friend that are right there with you!

Recently, Adora and I travelled down to Seattle to attend an MCOC meetup organized by one of our Community Members, @ContestChampion (Brian Grant) as he gathered some of the Summoners in the Seattle area (as well as some that came from much further away!) to play through dungeons together. The reception to playing Infinity Dungeons with new friends together in the same place was phenomenal, and while it’s definitely not mandatory and you can participate in Dungeons Day just as you play right now, if you’d like to make some new friends in your area that share an interest in Contest of Champions, this could be a great time for you to organize your own local event, from just a couple Summoners in a Restaurant or Park, to whatever size you would like!

Remember! This is a 24 Hour event that starts on May 26th at 12 pm PT! Mark your calendars, Summoner!
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