We are aware of an issue impacting some Summoners, resulting in the loss of their stash of SQ entry keys.
The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
(Slightly) More information here.

Please Help Us

Can we please get some more dungeon revives and potions that actually restore a significant amount of champions health. Given the number of times I’ve lost my A teams and thirty minutes of grinding given server crashes I feel like it’s a lot more necessary right now than creating a dungeon day on an arbitrary weekend day where people would probably want to be enjoying g the world rather than grinding more dungeon nightmares. Thanks for your time and consideration. The frustration is very real.


  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 4,027 ★★★★★
    Don't suck?
    and take out these icemans too lol. its such a troll move to have iceman in there. i fought him as a boss earlier today can u believe that? lol the fight your supposed to heal on and u end up dying to coldsnap
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