The new movie Avengers Infinity war was great but why could the game not get any better.

I am a huge Marvel FAN always had been but, why could they not make better characters in the game like Black widow(Infinity War)and Black Panther new suit as well as Iron spider


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    Black widow only got a new look in infinity war, there are already 2 BPs and the newest spiderman was added less than a year ago
  • It would have been fun to introduce vision infinity war and have him be as useless as Kamala. Would have reflected the movie.
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    What changed with black panther from the other movies he was in? Looked like the same suit to me
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    Ebony Maw
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    Or at least BP sister or BP's General
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    Mcoc is behind the Future fight when it comes to characters

  • Hi all!

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