Ultron Evade, a bug or working as intended?

So I've played with Ultron for over 2 years consistently in AQ, quests, and AW. I've never had this problem until recently. When I'm evading manually via dexterity, no issues. The problem comes in when the AI takes over my evade for one hit then leaves me standing there and I take a combo to the face even though i'm swiping back with my thumb. It's like the evade takes an extra second now and it leaves me open for attacks. It's very frustrating when I'm facing a 22k Abomb on map 5, he comes in for an attack, i swipe back twice to manually evade both of Abombs first two hits. The AI takes over and evades the first hit but the second hit connects, and it's onto 3 more hits to the face taking 60% of my life. This should not be hard at all to replicate for Kabam and I'm sure this happens to a lot of people playing with Ultron. Is there anyone else having this problem? Does Kabam know about this and is this a bug or working as intended? I play with an android, Samsung, Galaxy S7. Thanks,


  • Yes, Ultron's evade does the same for me. I've also had it activate in the middle of a block while baiting for heavy. Opponent hits first block, Ultron drops block, auto-evades and I take the rest of the combo to the face!
  • Gregdagr8Gregdagr8 Posts: 38
    Yep, that has happened to me before as well Onion. I've also noticed it's a very short evade compared to the spidermans for instance. Ultron's auto evade is like half a step back whereas the spidermans are a full swipe back. Maybe that is the issue?
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