AW Masters - Ranked #7 Recruiting

Seeking an individual that has experience running multiple AW paths. Has experience soloing mini bosses from several paths. Has a 5/65 Blade, Stark Spidey, MorningStar

Also looking for R4 or 6* AWD - Modok, MorningStar, Kingpin, Sabretooth,..

If you have two 5/65 5* champs even better. A decision will be made over the next day.

Most importantly, seeking an individual that can run any path w/ the usual 0-1 deaths. Tier 1 and 2.
AW mini boss or Boss solo videos will help make you a stronger candidate.

Need you to be very active for AW and AQ map 5, no map 6, already top 300 for AQ. No hand holding, no piloting, need you to always be available for your AW and AQ duties. No other minimums, Item Use, Weekly SA, etc all happen on their own.

Available for Line messages all day.
Only needing 1 person. Message me on line @AWfocused


  • AWfocusedAWfocused Posts: 131
    D69 is the Alliance tag. Ranked #7 in Masters
  • AWfocusedAWfocused Posts: 131
    470+ attack bonuses
  • AWfocusedAWfocused Posts: 131
    Not looking to find an individual that matches the above at 100%, but 99% matching will do. If lots of the above applies to reach out via line @AWfocused
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