Active Retirement. Tired of the grind? Want to play somewhat regularly on your own terms?

crogscrogs Posts: 287 ★★
Well check out Leviathan (LEVI). I just couldn't take it anymore. Real life was more important, and many of us were in agreement. We decided to retire the alliance and see if we could still enjoy the game. A bunch of us still log on daily to a few times a day. Just not the marathon sessions we used to. We do map 2 in AQ. Voluntary, but it would be nice to have a one consistent BG that will finish each day without bringing in BOT accounts. If we could make it to two BG's without bots, we'd probably be ecstatic.

Why map 2? Because most vets have champs high enough they can fight buffed nodes with no issue and even take down bosses and minis with just a little effort. Your champions are also not locked so you can always bring your best and still have them available elsewhere. And it's free. If you can manage to log on three times for 15 energy that's a big plus.

We tried War once, but it's too much of a hassle, and it ties up eight of your champs. Can be inconvenient with some of the harder content that's been available. I know I'm not even going to attempt Uncollected exploration and will only use so many resources to even complete it. Have to realize when the juice isn't worth the squeeze.

We usually hit three milestones in most alliance events outside of arena based ones. A few more active people might get us to four or even all in some cases. A few of us aren't against pushing if something is within reach. It's all about maximizing the minimal time you play to get as many rewards as possible.

Our only big deal is with SA where we do try to hold ranking and crystal opening. We've been doing about every third SA and have gotten as high as the top 20%. We have hit every SA we have gone for though, and we have done some back to back and just held back opening and ranking once we've hit the mark. Again, it's about trying to maximize rewards for as little play/effort as possible.

Other than that, I'm less tolerant of stupid behavior than I used to be. If you keep ranking and opening during off SA's, you get kicked. We do understand about expiring stuff or you really need that one new champ for some of the tougher content. But just blindly opening and ranking when everyone else is holding gets annoying. What's also annoying is someone joining AQ and not taking undone paths or going straight to the bosses for the kills. You do that more than once, and the boot comes out. You're vets. You should know better. It just forces the rest of us to work harder which defeats the purpose of active retirement.

So if you think we're a good fit, reach out to me in game or on Line. I'm crogs in both places. There's always a way to create room. And I do have a preference for people that want to do some AQ, as it makes our lives easier by not having to log in bot accounts.

And be sensible. If you can't handle a buffed node on map 2, you're not a good fit. If you're a youngin' and are excited about building your account with a bunch of 400k or so players, you're not a fit. You're much better served with a fully active alliance of players close to your rating that participate in everything and push in events and so on.

Hope to hear from you.

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