Looking for a new home

Game ID & Line ID: ironknuckles90
PI rating: 207487

Looking for an alliance who are AQ&AW focused and plays some days map5

My prestige is a low 4k but im looking for a team in the expert tier to help me change that! I'm strong and can pull my own weight even during work hours i play during my breaks to help wherever is needed. Take a chance on me and you wont regret itqt5rrm50adss.png


  • AdvoMiggyAdvoMiggy Posts: 72
    Hey there...we might be a fit for you. Are you still looking?
  • Pabon510Pabon510 Posts: 8
    Hey I sent you an in-game friend request if you're still looking.
  • We at the hound pack are a 3.3 mil ally with 22 players. We do map 5,4,4,3,3 during AQ. And wars are open for those that are strong enough to do both at the same time. We ask for AQ map rewards as donations and would like to start clearing 2 maps a bit more consistently. My line ID IS Vinster123.... look me up. Hope to battle soon.
  • Maestro1713Maestro1713 Posts: 64
    Hey man, sent you an in game request and a message on line
  • ironknuckles90ironknuckles90 Posts: 12
    I found a home!!! Thank you everyone
  • [Mac s] Marvel Masters is recruiting 4 active players. 250M average AQ scores and 555x5 with mods. AQ is required and War (Gold 3, 2BG) is optional. Minimum of 8k prestige is preferred. Discord is required for extended communication.
    Mojave_Chic is leader, tell her Illogical88 sent you...join today for Christmas Bonus!
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