Help my choose my attackers for AW and AQ

Five Star unduped: GP, Elektra, Ultron, CM, CA OG

Four Star Duped: Medusa (Sig 39), Blade (sig 39), HE (Sig 40), Stark Spiderman (Sig 20), SL (Sig 20), AA (Sig 40), SW (Sig 99), HE (Sig 40), XB (Sig 1), Doc Ock (Sig 20), Void (Sig 49), YJ (Sig 20), CM (Sig 20)

Four Star Unduped: X-23, Quake, Angela, LC, CA WW2, Dorm, Ultron, Hulk, Red Hulk, AV

The Five stars are all at 1/25 or 2/35 and the Four stars at 3/30 or 4/40. I have catalysts and ISO saved up, just want to know who I should invest in going forward.

Only have 3 star versions of Wolverine, DV, Vision, Magik, and GR.


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