10.9 MIL - 53333 AQ - GOLD 2 AW - ORGANIZED - LINE - CHILL

[818LF] The Life Foundation is looking for a member or two to round out our solid core.

27,000 Gold
5,800 Battlechips
2,500 Loyalty

We understand life happens but DO YOUR PART!

[818LF] The Life Foundation is part of the Symbiotic Empire. An Empire consisting of about 100+ members all working towards progressing the game. The rating of the members ranges from 5k- 700k+. The Symbiotic Empire is a network of 4 alliances made up of mostly adults all working together with one goal in mind, have fun and progress our accounts. We casually kick butt! We do not buy wins in AW with items. Our network of alliances ranges from a top 500 AQ alliances to a beginner/semi-retirement alliance. The purpose of the Empire is to help grow Summoners.

contact moo00se (big 00 are zeros) on LINE.
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