XP boosts from Greater Solo crystals.

Please remove the 40 and 50% XP bosts from GREATER solo crystals. I mean they're alright from the lesser ones but the same thing in greater ones as well. And these boosts aren't much use to a lot of people anyways since summoner level is capped at 60.


  • SuperChronaSuperChrona Posts: 246
    Let them stay, but change the way you can sell them. Give the option to choose between units and gold. And increase the gold amount.

    When they expire auto convert them to units or gold. And this goes for all items (Catalyst, ISO and items) that are expiring.
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 1,973 ★★★
    I'm not at lvl60 yet but I detest pulling the xp boosts from the greater solo's.
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