Act 5 roster

i've Been preparing a viable roster to go for act5. Since getting 5* and duppe them is quite hard for me at this point in game, as well as getting T4CC, decided to go for 4* 5/50's, which are way easier to get and dupe, and by the number i get access to top champs way faster.
Good idea or bad one??


  • Jackbrooks2580Jackbrooks2580 Posts: 68
    Good idea..... with 4* 5/50s you shouldn't find it too hard to go through act 5 depending on your skill, but keep in mind you'll be needing some units for revives and health portions. Good luck. 👍
  • LoPrestiLoPresti Posts: 1,035 ★★★
    I did it with 4 stars, it's absolute hell. Be ready to spent a lot on revives, and especially on potions. They do insane damage on block.

    You should still go for it though, cause it was only after I 100% act 5 that I got good 5 stars, those rewards are really good.
  • AnimatronicstoAnimatronicsto Posts: 194
    I’m doing it right now with just 4* 5/50 and 5* 3/45. It’s not hard at all i sometimes use a health potion or a deceive or two
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,791 ★★★★
    it's ok. keep in mind you will want to use class specific champs in 5.3, so you might end up using 4/40 4*s there
  • koening73koening73 Posts: 22
    thank you all for your comments
    have for the moment
    Stark spidey 4/40 sig 99
    X-23 5/50
    vodoo 5/50 sig 20 or so
    SL 3/45 did it a while ago
    Psylocke 3/45 ( only dupe in 5*, got it a while ago also)
    hoping for Medusa or hyp ( got awekening gem 4* and T4CC ready)
    and SW or gwenpoll
    I still have to progress on skill, i hope to get the collector with the 5/50's and after that start thinking on 5 * they wil be easier to get.
    Again thak you all
  • DizzyDizzy Posts: 236 ★★
    I finished Act 5 initial completion yesterday with all 5/50 or 3/45. No revives needed at all in 5.4, as it was really quite easy compared to 5.3 and the Collector. I used 5/50 Sparky for most fights up until the final boss, then used my best counter to the boss.

    The champs who got the most gameplay in 5.4 were:
    5/50 Sparky (Sig 50)
    3/45 Blade (Unduped)
    3/45 Iceman (Unduped)
    5/50 Voodoo (Sig 40)
    4/40 Void (Sig 50)
    4/40 Archangel (Sig 40)
    2/35 Medusa (Unduped)

    I actually think you'll struggle more with 5.2 and 5.3 than 5.4.

    5.3 will be tough because you will have to deal with the Weakness debuffs, given your limited roster - I had the same issue so I relied on the raw damage of 4/40 Star Lord and 5/50 Sparky.

    The Collector was by far the hardest fight for me. I went back to try and explore 5.2 yesterday, and still struggled most with him compared to any other content in Act 5.
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