Sparky vs Star Lord?

taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
Just fully explored act 5, and I was insanely lucky to pull a tech gem as well as the basic. I have a unduped 4/55 sparky as well as 1/25 star lord. My question is, what do I do?

Sparky vs Star Lord? 15 votes

Tech on spark, basic on star lord
Cats73NightslamJacobmc006ChRoNiC243 4 votes
Tech on star lord, don't do stark
CapWW2SIlverProfessorAsukiraSpiderCoolsshadow_lurker22 5 votes
Tech on stark, save basic
vg2782Karinshizero7PandamanPeteMaxDemsEnderDraco58 6 votes
Something else?
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