Cosmic 5 star awakening gem

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As the title suggests I have been fortunate enough to get a 5 star awakening gem. Although it turned out to be cosmic, which was the least I wanted. Anyways. Please guide me how to use it. I have 4 cosmics 5 stars. Angela r3, drax R1, SIM R1 and Groot R1. I know Angela doesn't need it. SIM and Groot almost trash tier. My question is should I use it on Drax? Or wait for a better champ like Hyperion, Medusa etc? I have 1 r4 5 star GR unduped. Other r4 worthy champs I could consider are Angela, LC (r3 unduped currently), voodoo (R2 unduped currently). Appreciate to everyone who take out time to read and advise.

Cosmic 5 star awakening gem 28 votes

Use gem on drax
Foxhero007Ghostboytjie 2 votes
Wait for better cosmic champs
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    Wait for better cosmic champs
    My first 5* ever was drax and I duped him in my second crystal. Even though I love him at r4 sig 60, I don't think he is worth it. Hyperion and medusa will be your best bets
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    Wait for better cosmic champs
    Drax is good, but he doesn’t need to be awakened. Save like for someone who does like Medusa.
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    Are you sure about Drax? I thought he needed awakening. This actually makes me feel better. But I don't think he will go to next level considering Angela is at r3. Those t2as are rare too.
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    Wait for better cosmic champs
    Save it, I've had a science one in my inventory for over a year....

    Kabam have seen it fit to not pick me with a decent science champ since then lol hopefully your pull a great cosmic.
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    Wait for better cosmic champs
    Use it on Medusa or Hyperion
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