Lf new home

Tier 2 plat3+
5x 5*r4 def inc new imiw


  • Look me up if you decide to settle for gold1. Line ID is wintersocool
  • KingpinKingpin Posts: 10
    Tempting thanks for the offer though
  • whaler213whaler213 Posts: 151
    edited May 2018
    hit me up on line whaler213 we have been tier 2 all season and solidly in plat 3 all season (top 50 AQ as well)
  • KingpinKingpin Posts: 10
    Still looking 7.5k prestige
    5x 5* R4 def inc new imiw
    Lf plat3 pushing to 2
    Top 300 aq
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