Extremely frustrated right now

Let me start by saying I have gone through expert mode on trials of the mad titan every day so far without a single revive used this entire month. I'm not a noob and this was not a user error. I burned through 8 %20 revives and all my lv1 potions due to game glitches today. After my first death I killed all running apps, cleaned my screen and rebooted the game after finishing the first fight I completely restarted my phone (I'm using a Samsung note 8). The issue I was having is that while holding block my character would just randomly launch a heavy attack or my block wouldn't register, I would be holding down on the screen and my champ would just stand there not blocking and run in and get hit. I'm so irritated with these glitches all throughout the game that aren't being addressed


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    AfflictionAffliction Posts: 382 ★★
    10 months now of fun in this category! Not enough people care in the community to do what we did for 12.0. So they'll just keep letting it go on for $.
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    SagetrofholzSagetrofholz Posts: 125
    Update. After yesterday's horrid time I was hopefully that today would be better....its not. New glitch today, none of the buff/debuff indicators are showing up as well as any of the words on the side of the screen such as parry, armor break, bleed, dexterity, etc.
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    Cryptic_CobraCryptic_Cobra Posts: 532 ★★★
    That's a very strange bug. I guess maybe your download got corrupted? Try deleting the game and re installing it. It prob wont work, but its worth a shot.
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    DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 18,850 Guardian
    I've seen this bug myself, almost always on my iPad only. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe that sometimes the touch screen registers funny to the game and causes this problem. I've seen it sometimes happen when my iPad is on a soft surface like a bed, and then the problem goes away when I move it to a hard surface. I've seen it happen when my iPad was cocked weirdly in its case and not snapped in solidly.

    The only times I've seen this happen on a smartphone was after I upgraded to my iPhone X. The geometry of the phone is such that sometimes when I'm holding the phone in two hands as opposed to playing with the phone resting on a hard surface, a finger will accidentally rest across a corner of the phone and since the screen is as wide as the phone I can make intermittent contact there. I've seen this confuse the game in ways that cause it to do strange things, like suddenly dash forward or attack when I'm attempting to hold block.

    But sometimes, there seems to be no obvious reason for this to happen that I can detect, it just seems to happen. The only pattern there, as I mentioned, is that this happens almost exclusively on my iPad, and almost never on my smartphone.
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