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Dungeon conclusion

VimesVonlipVimesVonlip Posts: 177 ★★
Can we all agree that dungeons suck balls and that the pairing with some random that's too stupid to not fight an opponent with both link nodes up is tedious and makes the experience a lot less fun.

Also when they die on the mini and then bugger off before seeing if you finish the boss and don't come back to conclude the dungeon is infuriating.

How about single player dungeons, set up like one side of the current design? The player has to choose which path to take to remove one of a possible 2 nodes (or three on harder maps) then has a mini and regular boss to beat but make it all out nothing, don't finish the map, get no rewards.


  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 907 ★★★
    I only chose rando's when i was using a lesser team and dungeon 4. I could usually hold my own. More often than not i got matched with someone with similar rating though. Maybe they fixed that at some point since It seems like it was an issue.
    I definately wouldn't use my A or B teams with a rando unless i was 100% ok with wasting them.
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