Fixing Gambit

CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
I had a thought the other day....

What if Gambit put kinetically charged objects on the enemy, chance per hit/crit etc?

This would work similar to Iceman’s frostbite charges.

He attack’s the target, every couple of hits adds another charge, they each have a timer and on duration completion, they explode.

You could even have his heavy, or maybe a special, detonate them early for extra damage, or maybe even a secondary effect like increased stun chance/duration or concussion, etc.

Possibly even have a different effect per special.
L1 stun chance/duration per charge
L2 bonus damage per charge and maybe leave a concussion after.
L3 petrify duration per charge

This way we could eliminate his awkward charge up ability. And make him a versatile champion to use.

He was a favorite of mine in the 90s X-men cartoon. Such a shame he’s sub par in game.

I posted this on Reddit and it got a good response so I thought I’d post it here for Kabam to see.
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