Beta Test: Potential Changes to Dexterity and Mystic Dispersion


Since the fantastic reception that we received following our first Beta Test of Red Hulk and Luke Cage’s Potential Improvements, we are very happy to announce that we are very close to launching our next Invite-Only Beta Test! Our focus is once again to receive first-hand Summoner feedback and utilize it to continue to improve the Contest.

Starting Monday June 18th and running until Friday June 22nd, we will be testing out some potential changes to the Mystic Dispersion and Dexterity masteries.

On Tuesday June 5th at 11 am PDT, a select group of Summoners that use these two Masteries will receive in-game invitations to take part in the Beta Test. If your receive a Beta Invite, you will have until Thursday June 7th at 11 am PDT to opt in to the Beta Test.

Please keep in mind, this is an invite-only Beta program, and we are not taking requests at this time to join or be admitted into the program.

While we understand that everybody will be eager to find out what potential changes might be coming your way, it is important to remember that we are using the feedback of those that are involved in the test to determine if the potential changes we are making will be the ones we want to move forward with, or if further tweaks are required. As such, we will not be allowing any discussions on the potential changes in any channels other than those created specifically for Summoners in the Beta.

Now some of you might be wondering, if we’re looking at Mystic Dispersion right now, why not another specific Class Mastery? Rest assured, Pure Skill is on our Radar, and after we have completed this test, and made any revisions that may be necessary, we will be spending more time on Pure Skill.

Please note: Any rewards earned on the Beta Server from the Mystic Dispersion and Dexterity Mastery Beta Test will NOT BE transferred to the regular game and there are no additional rewards for participating in the Mystic Dispersion and Dexterity Mastery Beta Test.

Additionally, the private Beta Forum will not be available until the Beta Test begins on June 18th
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