Cloak & Dagger, Crystal (Inhumans), Klaw, Wolverine & POSITION STATUS EFFECTS: Unique Game Mechanics

Ok, so I held this stuff for way too long. If ever Kabam could consider these types of character additions they probably would need a good deal more time in development and testing considering Cloak & Dagger opens soon, but what may as well still share with the community. Either way, I got to thinking that few characters have POSITION related abilities, and that there is a unique opportunity to treat Cloak like an add on item to Dagger and have them work as a fighting duo. It is also way past any Inhumans, but Crystal would make a great addition regardless of their series not being renewed. She is a very storied character in Marvel Comics history.

Imagine Dagger working like Vulture and Cloak acting like Vulture's wings (detaching periodically, only thing, via teleportation behind the opponent, but maintaining the directionality of the combat mechanic by being a proximity life draining object instead of hitting anyone). See the images to see how the position mechanic would be enacted. I paired them versus Dagger because they would both divide the battle stage into 4 equal quadrants to determine their status effects.


Likewise, or as a bonus, Klaw would use position mechanics to plant Echo Mines on the battle stage in front or behind the opponent depending on the special. These would repeat a percentage of damage of recent hits and can be used to restrict opponent movement (although Vibranium related champs would have some resistance or outright immunity to its push back and/or damage). In the image I paired Klaw against the original Wolverine, suggesting another position related status effect. When in a back corner, Wolverine should activate a Berserker effect (fury and cruelty) that can cancel out a stun.


More miscellaneous info on finer abilities around these champs, and some ideal synergistic effects will follow as well. An example of finer ability details are such as Wolverine cannot stack Berserk without clearing a certain distance out of the corner he backed into. Another would be that Cloak and Dagger's upgrade requirements would involve 1 Mystic catalyst although they would be Science Champs similar to how Karnak is a Skill Champ that requires a Cosmic catalyst.

Klaw (#Villain, #Metal, bleed & poison immune, Tech class)
Crystal (#Hero, #Inhuman, poison immune, Cosmic class)
Cloak & Dagger (#Mercenary, #Dark X-Men, effect removal, Science class)


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    Alternatively, take the design suggestion of Cloak & Dagger as a duo to two separate champs, having them only appear in special attack 2 and 3 situations as follows:

    Cloak - a hovering champ similar to Dr. Strange, Dr. Voodoo, etc. who's abilities will be stronger related to the dark protrusions on the battle stage (the hot spots on the forward third of quadrants). His Sp1 would cause Health Steal (like Rogue) but be more intense on the Shadow Zones where it would cause heavy degeneration on the opponent. During a Special 2, part of Dagger would emerge from Cloak's cloak of darkness and throw light knives. Otherwise she is not visible in melee combat. During Special 3 she would have a sequence similar to what I envision for the Duo version prior (the opponent is enveloped in the cloak of pitch black darkness, then blasted out by Dagger, temporarily shutting down health, power and buffs like Ghost Rider's damnation)

    Dagger - would be a ground based champ with ballerina fighting mechanics more defined than Black Widow. Her key specialty would still be the ability to remove Negative Status Effects (Debuffs) from herself, activate her 'Radiance' which prevents additional negative debuffs from lasting on her before expiring. Her light daggers would be featured in Sp1 but in addition to those in Sp2 Cloak would be teleported in to hover behind the opponent for some number of seconds draining their health. Her Sp3 would be identical to Cloak's. Carrying on the theme of their partnership.

    The preference and uniqueness would be to have them as a pair though, setting up the light and dark abilities to have an all around cumulative beneficial effect instead of any one ability being heavy damage or high healing. In this Duo version Cloak moves on a slight delay tracking with Dagger, which allows for quirky effects, like a dexterity-like effect if Dagger dashed back and a projectile passes through Cloak first, rendering it ineffective (simulating Cloak shunting it into another dimension). To extend this, if Dagger goes into a Block Stance, Cloak also follows suit, slowing down his drift behind her. If in line with her, their block (him partially shielding her results in higher Block Proficiency, if caught too far ahead of Cloak but needing to block, the same applies, with Cloak drifting up slower hence she has lower Block Proficiency.

    As a duo, they gain boosts/benefits in situations that apply to female characters. Despite having a male and female in the slot, the norm is Male & Hero, so situational buffs are not described for them. The presence of a Female, Villain, Mercenary, Team Affiliation or Dimensional Being is considered a notable subgroup to base extra positive or negative consequences around.

    Synergies would revolve around:
    1. Dark Justice - w/Punisher, Wolverine and Iron Patriot, giving additional cruelty buffs to #Merc champs on the team
    2. Dark X-Men - w/Namor and Emma Frost (if ever added) just adding block proficiency and extra attack against villains
    3. Friends - w/Spider-Man and Dr. Strange adding armor rating
    4. Dark Dimension - w/Hood & Dormammu giving Cloak's shadow zones the ability to cause Degen without Dagger being in the block stance or Sp2 being active, while extending the duration of Hood and Dormammu's buffs and debuffs

    Additional details about Crystal would include her natural synergies with her Royal Family, although this would be called Royal Dynasty - w/Ronan, BB or Medusa
    During Royal Dynasty the quartet cause the following
    1. Crystal extends her elemental effect from one quadrant she was in to 2 seconds after entering another, making it easier for her to maintain multiple effects across quadrants
    2. Ronan's presence benefits any #Kree champs on the team giving a 10s window to lock in a fury after the champ performs Block+MLLM. Only one can be locked in every 30 seconds, but this would benefit Rogue, Ms. Marvel (Danvers) and Captain Marvel since they also carry the #Kree
    3. Black Bolt or Medusa do something similar with a similar 30 second lock out cooldown, i.e. #Inhuman champs can convert any cruelty, precision or critical buff into one permanent fury and potentially stack a new one after 30 seconds. This benefit extends to Karnak, Quake or Ms. Marvel (Khan) if on the team (as well as Crystal herself)

    Additionally, Crystal would have another unique synergy with Storm or Quake called Elementals which would additionally benefit Iceman, Ronan, Star-Lord, and all versions of Thor who can be considered #Elemental (If Human Torch is ever added, it would also apply to him). With every 4th debuff they apply, they also apply the last different buff they were capable of (e.g. Storm can Shock, but a stun she applied earlier would auto-trigger, or vice versa). These secondary reapplied effects would have 25% reduced potency though, either in duration or intensity, depending on the type of debuff. In Crystal's case, this also helps with the possibility of chaining elemental effects outside their usual quadrants.

    Lastly, Crystal would round out with standard Friends (She-Hulk, Beast and Ms. Marvel (Khan) adding Armor Rating) and Enemies synergies (Loki, Magneto and Emma Frost, adding Critical Rating).
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    Revisiting this for a sec to round out some usage ideas:
    Right conditions cornering an opponent can trap one behind a series of repeating echoes as he regains power from echoes making contact as if it was a basic hit. In proper balancing it should make Sp2, Sp1, Sp1 possible, but returns would be diminished since echoes of echoes would hit softer; however, landing a few hits between these, power rate increasing and unique synergies, and special node granted abilities could make increased damage (Resonate with Killmonger, for example) and an exra Sp1 fit in ith a Romance pair.

    Restoring defensive ability in the Earth quadrant can translate to faster recovery from armor breaks, fatigue and block erosion.

    Her Radiance would function like a Tenacity, except deliberately time activated, allowing her to play bleed, degen and/or poison nodes after taking initial damage while holding block long enough to activate it. While Radiance is active, her special attacks would cause opponents to glow. That glow would feed her healing even without Cloak leeching them directly as long as they pass over a dark spot.

    Position related abilities would be such unique added mechanics to consider adding.
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    Wow. Awesome and Wow. That is a ton of work that you did!
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    Thanks, CallmelaFleur. I don't have as much time as I once did, but the ideas around how champs could work swim around in my head all the time. I just finally typed it out and applied some images (found and made) over time to some of them. I'll try to bring more out periodically (but the job and the playing demands my time! Lol). I actually popped on today because I couldn't recall spelling out Klaw's synergies.
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    Klaw synergies:

    INTELLIGENCIA 2.0: w/ M.O.D.O.K., The Leader or Mr. Sinister (more on recommendations on the latter two later)
    • Klaw extends the length of his sonic emitters by 1 second
    • The Leader optimizes energy flow bypassing opponents' energy resistance by 10% per #Villain on the team
    • Mr. Sinister's class specific gene spliced effects are increased +20%
    • These would be unique synergies that do not stack with duplicate synergies

    ARM'S RACE: w/ Winter Soldier, Cable & Misty Knight (More on Misty later)
    • Klaw's echo attacks deal +10% additional damage for every #Vibranium or #Metal champ on the roster
    • Winter Soldier triggers 10% power drain of current power meter whenever doing a MLM combo after a block
    • Cable deals 9% more special damage and takes 9% less special damage
    • Misty Knight's attacks (all) inflict 25% more damage against metal opponents
    • These would be unique synergies that do not stack with duplicate synergies

    PRECISION STRIKE: w/ Black Panther, Black Panther CW and Killmonger
    • Klaw's basic attacks have a 20% chance to be critical hits; sonic emitters do +20% True Damage
    • Black Panther's special attacks 100% chance to reapply the last bleed & the highest bleed as one precise ever growing slice (max 2000% bleed rating)
    • BPCW's special attacks apply +1% energy accumulated from past blocked hits as additional energy damage
    • Killmonger's attacks gain 30% increased critical damage against metal opponents
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    I stumbled across my old saved draft/unfinished post for Mr. Sinister. Lol. They've since added him and he's listed as mutant but a bit of what I envisioned made it in (although I had him as Sci instead of Mutant since his powers were artificial, but I guess since a mutant's genetics were included it's all good). I would have liked to have his synergies work in the clones in the game for sure though (colored teal). Missed opportunity IMO. Hopefully they can work on bringing Apocalypse and infusing the Co-conspirator synergies (also in teal) that affects various champs with AOA storyline tweaks (e.g. now that Havok is included, both he and Cyclops would have the word Prelate appear in their HUD and tweaks to their abilities)

    Mr. Sinister (Science class):
    His suggested characteristics employ [so far] unique game mechanics: +15% per teammate of the ability associated with his teammate's class as a Gene Spliced passive ability. This ability can be exhausted, but it can be reset with a heavy attack after a 20 sec cool down period. For example,
    • Science champs are known for physical resistance, adding up to 4 science champs to the roster with him gives him +60% damage resistance to all attacks, but it erodes [by 3% per hit] an opponent's combo of 20 (5%x12 combo hit from Skill champs; 1.5%x40 combo hit from Mystics)
    • Skill champs are known for critical attacks, adding up to 4 skill champs gives 60% chance for a hit to be critical for 28 secs
    • Mutant champs are known for special damage boosts and healing abilities; up to 4 specials after a heavy do 10% more damage and trigger 5% base health regeneration
    • Tech champs are known for heal blocking and power control; adding 4 tech champs gives 4 of Sinister's special attacks the ability to deny opponents' healing abilities and power gain for 7 seconds
    • Cosmic champs are known for true damage and poison immunity; Sinister purges 1 infliction of poison per cosmic teammate and all attacks are True attacks for up to 28 secs (7sx4cc)
    • Mystic champs are known for nullification of effects and power gain; Sinister's specials inflict up to 4 instances of Fate Seal. Each lasts 7 secs, then on a seal's expiry Sinister gains 15% of his max power.

    Awakened abilities allow Sinister to benefit from synergies around him. If any of his teammates have a 'general' synergy with an opponent, or opponents have synergies with their own roster, it is expressed up to 200% in Sinister (depending on signature level). E.g. In the presence of a Romance Synergy (such as Sinister vs Daredevil while Elektra is one of Sinister's roster mates) Sinister gains power faster; if fighting Yellow Jacket with Ant-Man on Sinister's team, Sinister has the potential to have +12% Attack rating due to YJ and AM's +6% attack synergy. In other cases with 'Unique Synergies', in a War or Arena situation against Ghost Rider while Blade is on a roster with him or his opponent's roster, Sinister would have an active Danger Sense. Such a unique synergy would not benefit 200% normally, but it can also be the enhanced version if Spidey (Stark Enhanced) is on either his or the opponent's roster. Likewise, it would also be active against any #Villain (e.g. the opponent is Green Goblin or Sentinel, and Blade and Ghost Rider are present), #Mystic (Dr. Strange or Dr. Voodoo while Blade and Mephisto or Dormammu are present) or #Dimensional Being (Magik or Dormammu while Blade and Gr, Meph or Dorm are present). This is not active if Blade is present on the roster while Sinister is facing a villain or mystic without Gr or Meph/Dorm present somehow; however, Blade's Danger Sense activates around Dimensional Beings without aid, so having Blade on Sinister's roster makes it active if Sinister faces a Dimensional Being.

    When awakened, Sinister would also have a Persistent Charge that benefits Science or Mutant teammates. Every win gives Sinister +1 Clone Template (Max 4), allowing himself, science or mutant teammates to 'resurrect' similarly to how Phoenix does after a K.O.. This is considered imperfect clonage, granting the revived champ +15% health and +15% power per charge consumed.

    Actual Synergies for Sinister would include:
    PEDIGREE LINEAGE: w/ Cyclops (BT) or (NXS), Cable, Colossus, Phoenix, Magik or Unstoppable Colossus
    • Sinister begins with 1 Clone template and can store 5 max. Mutants revive with 20% per template instead of 15%
    • Cyke (BT) and (NXS), Cable and Phoenix would add a Medium Hit Counter that adds an extra beam to their specials' hit count every 10 mediums. Sp2 and 3 for Cyke and Phoenix, Sp1 and 3 for Cable
    • Once per Sp3 cycle, on reaching Sp1 Colossus, UC and Magik are guaranteed a Limbo effect; at Sp2 they become unstoppable for 3 seconds; at Sp3 they gain 1 indefinite duration armor buff; all reset after using Sp3

    CLONE CONTEST: w/ Spider-Man (Symbiote), X-23, Dr. Octopus
    • Sinister has 100% chance to revive with 20% health after a knockout blow once per fight that is not dependent on clone template charges (35% if Cable is present)
    • Spider-Man (Symbiote) gains a Science buff if his health falls below 55% flipping Class bonus with Mystic opponents
    • X-23 gains a permanent fury if her health falls below 55% +[0]attack even if she regenerates full health
    • Dr. Octopus gains 1 evasion buff every time he reaches a Breakthrough and health steal for 10 seconds if he has 3 Breakthroughs
    • If Cable is present with any of these clone fodder, Cable, SMS, X-23 and Oc gain [Stryfe], [Kaine], [Triggered] and [Superior] buffs respectively that give Cruelty chances

    CO-CONSPIRATOR: w/ Beast or Apocalypse
    • Sinister's past collaborations and conflicts with Dark Beast and Apocalypse add Buff Tags to various champions providing a villainous streak and a cruelty buff
    • Apocalypse: [Dark Beast] Beast, [Death] Wolverine, [Death] Archangel, [Death] Gambit, [Pestilence] Polaris, [Death] Sentry, [Famine] Rogue, [War] Hulk and [Stryfe] Cable gain cruelty buffs
    • Beast: [Goblyn Queen] Phoenix, [Inverted] Sabertooth, [Prelate Summers] Cyclops,

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    Further thoughts about Crystal's synergies:
    Now I would instead limit the proposed "Royal Dynasty" synergy to Black Bolt and Ronan with Crystal.
    Medusa would benefit from a tweak like Blade does with GR (extending effects to Villains) or Dormammu and Mephisto (extending effects to Mystics).

    Medusa's ability to stop #Robots' abilities and power gain would be extended to other Tech champs with Armor Up ability when paired with Crystal on the team. When armor shattered, these Tech champs would lose ability accuracy that power locks and prevents effects. If Karnak is also present, Medusa's ability would be extended to non-tech champs who can also Armor Up (fitting because he's an Inhuman that isn't in the typical Cosmic class with advantage over Techs).

    And now that Human Torch is confirmed, an Elementals synergy would extend to him as well. Since he's going to be such a powerhouse already, it really exists to spruce up the likes of Storm, Quake and the Thors though (Iceman & Namor too, I guess).
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    I had not gotten around to Misty Knight, so here I am to rectify that, and I am adding in some tidbits about Jessica Jones, Shang Chi and Colleen Wing to round her out.
    Jessica, Colleen and Shang will follow below, but Misty is separate as another example of a Position Related Ability champ (much like Omega Red has abilities related to proximity to his opponent)
    BTW, anyone I put in brackets (e.g. [Klaw], or [Nova, Bullseye]) denotes they are a hopeful future addition, to show how they'd fit in the proposed synergies and does not imply they will be added:


    Class: Skill | #Female #Vibranium #Control: Denial #Heroes for Hire #Defenders #Mercenary | Size: S
    Bleed, Power Burn

    Misty's fight style should be reminiscent of a blend between Iron Fist and Domino's move set
    Like Nick Fury Jr., Misty would have unique Synergies based on intel from detective work and hiring operatives
    • Romantic Engagements: Iron Fist (both, source: comics), Falcon (source: comics)
    • Arms Deals: [Klaw, Sister Grimm,] Cable & Winter Soldier based on having 1 unique arm replacement
    • Defenders: [Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, Valkyrie,] Daredevil (both) & Elektra
    • The Crew: War Machine, Black Panther (classic), Luke Cage, Storm
    • Friends: [Namor,] Phoenix & Iron Man (classic)
    • Enemies: Crossbones, Sabertooth
    • For Hire: [Black Cat,] Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Moon Knight, Black Widow & Ghost Rider*
    • External Synergies with her in others' synergy list: Luke Cage (Heroes for Hire), Falcon (Romance), Iron Fist (classic) (Romance), [Klaw (Arms Race), Colleen Wing (Daughters of the Dragon), Shang Chi (Mark of the Dragon)]
    *Like She-Hulk, Misty would have responses to champion types she faces (Hero, Merc, Villain & Other instead of Classes), as long as 1 champ from the 'For Hire' synergy is added this unique effect activates for her entire team if she faces:
    1. Mercenaries: Misty+teammates increase critical rate & defensive proficiency +25%
    2. Heroes: Misty+teammates gain prowess & reduce opponents power rate by 50% for 5 secs after specials
    3. Villains: Misty+teammates reduce the effects and duration of Damage over Time by 35%
    4. All Others: Misty+teammates become shielded once for 5 seconds after their first direct hit reducing the attack damage received by 90%
    Note: because the For Hire 'synergy' has that many caveats it may be better to house in her Abilities description instead of her Synergy list

    Misty's abilities would be rooted firmly in 1) detective work, 2) the second version of her Bionic Arm (in comics canon) which is made of Antarctic Vibranium (with anti-metal properties) and grants her limited technopathy (affecting technology and robotic opponents), and she is another Position Related Ability champ (her proximity to opponents is key to one of her abilities - a time delayed EMP effect)

    1. Her bionic arm is made of substances that are not ferromagnetic (vibranium & diamond) so she would not normally be affected by magnetism facing either Magneto [, Polaris] or another Misty (as such she does not carry the #Metal attribute); however, if Polaris is introduced, the idea is for Polaris & Magneto to have a longer list of champions they can affect via Synergy (those who employ metal weapons such as knives and guns briefly during their specials would suffer the affects of Magnetism for 8 seconds after performing a special attack or being hit by Polaris or Magneto's special attacks)
    2. Her bionic arm emits a wide E.M. pulse 6 seconds after heavy charging for 1.5 seconds
    3. If heavy-charging is interrupted before 1.5 secs, but after at least .75 secs, she will auto-block and emit a weaker form of the pulse and there will be no follow up strong wide pulse 6 secs later
    4. Regarding heavy charging, she will not auto-block if she has not reached .75 secs or if she has already released the charge to perform a heavy attack
    5. The E.M. pulse spans half the battle screen and affects the opponent if they were within that range when bursting out
    6. The E.M. pulse causes opponents' ability accuracy to drop by 25% and their power rate to slow by 30% for up to the next 7 seconds (max if fully awakened)
    7. Opponents with #Metal burn 25% of their current power, suffer -50% ability accuracy, cannot trigger buffs or debuffs, and their power rate slows by 45% for the pulse's duration
    8. Robotic opponents burn 40% of their current power, suffer -65% ability accuracy, cannot trigger buffs or debuffs and their power rate slows by 60% for the pulse's duration
    9. Mutant opponents recover from the E.M. pulse in half the time
    10. Misty's pulse comes standard, but if she is not awake the effect only lasts 3 seconds and there is no power burn to metal champs or added potency effect on robots, power rate reduction caps at 15% for all champions

    • As a former police detective, an experienced investigator and an active field operative controller, Misty gathers clues about her opponents as the fight goes on. The higher her combo, the less potent any abilities in the opponent's signature will be.
    • At a combo of 50 (60, if they are a higher tier), Misty's opponents function as if they are not awakened and they lose 15% ability accuracy.
    • When Misty's combo is broken, signature effects take 6 secs to fully restore
    • Misty's investigative ability reductions are active even if she is not awakened, but all combo requirements are doubled instead

    As mentioned above, Misty's heavy charge sets up an E.M. pulse that kicks in 6 seconds after charging
    To mitigate risk vs reward, she functions a bit like Quake and will auto-react if attacked in the middle of a charge, but instead of dodging she blocks with her bionic arm as long as at least .75 secs of charging have passed. This auto-block cannot trigger parry but her regular well-timed block would. Also different to Quake, Misty does not build a more potent offense from a longer charge. The auto-block does not trigger for energy based projectiles or specials only basic contact attacks.
    This sets up a balance of needing to charge from far enough away to have that automatic protection or to have stunned opponents first, then needing to close distance and maintain proximity in order to affect the opponent when the pulse happens

    Misty's specials and moves should display a mix of Kung-Fu dynamics influenced by her time with Iron Fist, and sidearm wielding abilities like Domino and Winter Soldier, so she will be a 'Gun-Fu' fighter. Her specials, at least one of them, should incorporate a hand gun shot and a follow up kick (or kick followed by a gun shot). In order to maximize her effectiveness in play style, Misty should attack in a pattern that puts her close to the opponent when her timer for the E.M. burst is about to go off. The pulse does not count as a projectile and therefore does not trigger opponents' auto-block or auto-dodge abilities; it is not directly damaging (except on #metal #robot) and is not blockable (similar to being in range of Omega Red's field despite being a single burst)

    Misty's design should be based on her red jumpsuit depiction with the brown/gold hued underarm holsters, belts and trimmings to compliment her gold colored bionic arm, and sporting a red or gold headband with a puffed Afro hairstyle (like this or this) or black/red jumpsuit variations also with arm holsters.
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    Class: Science | #Female #Defensive: Tank #Defenders #Mercenary | Size: S
    Resistance, Fury

    Some of Jessica's abilities would be based on Investigative work as well, but her main design is to function as a defensive tank resisting damage. Similar to Luke, Jessica activates damage resistance when struck, but instead of 1 potent indestructible duration then a cool down, Jessica can stack up damage reducers. Using well-timed blocks and block charges, Jessica braces for impacts on her super strong body to cap multiple hits up to 99% reduced attack rating (up to 94.5% for 4* and below).

    In short, Jessica can use a mix of well-timed blocks and block charging to build 3 sets of 5 resistances to attacks. These can reduce a lot of damage, but can also be converted to increase her attacks.
    1. With a well-timed block Jessica braces herself to reduce 18% attack rating of the next direct physical attacks (5* or higher versions only | 4* and lower start with 9% reduction)
    2. If Jessica does not take a direct hit and gets a chance to hold block for more than 1 second, she starts to extend the number of hits she can resist up to 5
    3. As long as at least 1 second has passed, Jessica's counter continues to go up, locking in 1 hit resistance every 1/2 second (up to 5) before she must release then block charge again to make those 5 resistances increase potency (i.e. 5h*-18% can build to 5h*-27% then 5h*-36%, etc.)
    4. As long as Jessica has stacked at least 3 hits in her first set she can ready another resistance set of 5, if she has not she can only perform a normal well-timed block (parrying if that mastery is active)
    5. This allows Jessica to potentially reduce damage from 10 sequential hits instead of 5, but these stacks must also be built up, they do not get the -18% to -99% damage reduction properties of the previously built up stack
    6. Jessica can raise a maximum of 3 sets of 5 stacks for a combined resistance to 15 hits given enough time
    7. If Jessica charges for shorter or longer than she did on her previous round of block charges, some of her later builds of resistance in a stack from longer charges will be lower (e.g. -27, -27, -27, -18, -18)
    8. Building up resistance stacks always defaults to the first set on a short charge unless it is already maxed out, but it will even out (e.g. -27, -27, -18, -18, -18 will become -27, -27, -27, -18, -18 instead of -36, -27, -27, -18, -18)
    9. These stacks are passive and do not expire, but they are 67% less effective against critical hits and bleed attacks, 50% less effective against energy based direct attacks, and do not protect against true strike or environmental effects (such as Limbo, Flame Auras, Intimidating Presence, Death Fields, etc. under normal circumstances)
    10. When awakened, Jessica starts the fight with 5 stacks of 18% resistance (9% for 4* and lower versions) allowing her to resist some damage of the first full combo she could receive from most attackers who land 5 combo basic hits
    11. Having 5 stacks readied at the start, means Jessica can immediately increase the resistance rating to 5 hits by block charging without having to perform a well-timed block
    Jessica's specials consume some of her resistance charges to attack % boosts. Specials 2 and 3 conversion keeps some of the attack boost active for 10 and 12 seconds respectively so her basic attacks also hit harder.
    1. Jessica's Sp1 would be a flying downward double punch; if it is dodged there is still a chance to shake the opponent with the resultant short range ground wave and lead to 'Imbalance', an 'imbalanced' opponent has a % chance to develop concussions for X seconds from follow up hits
    2. Jessica's Sp2 would be a charge in upper punch, pull back then one flying double-fisted downward slam, designed to cross most of the screen
    3. Her Sp1 is augmented by the lowest set of resistance stacks; she converts the average resistance rating value of her last stack set to an attack rating boost value (e.g. -81%, -45% & -36% resistance sets would convert the 3rd to add +36% attack rating to the Sp1)
    4. Her Sp2 uses the 2nd and 3rd sets of stacks converting resistances to attack % boosts which persist for 10 seconds. This benefits her follow up basic attacks or specials that could be landed within 10 seconds (e.g. -81, -45 & -36 stacks would allow her up to 10 follow up hits within 10 seconds, the first 5 carry +45% attack and the next 5 carry +36% attack rating)
    5. Unlike Sp1 and Sp2, her Sp3 uses all 3 sets of stacks but only consumes the first two stacks, it is a 3 hit combo that allows attack boosts to 15 follow up basic attacks and any special if landed within 12 seconds
    6. Successful hits within the 12 second window after Sp3 can return stacks to the first 2, up to the level of the retained stack (e.g. -81, -45 & -36 stacks would allow the 3 hits to deal an extra 81%, 45% and 36% damage then end with 36% resistance to up to 5 hits**; 15 successful hits in 12 seconds would afford her a replenishment of the 10 resistance charges of the 2 stacks consumed by the Sp3 - if the last stack is -36 it limits how many resistance charges can be reclaimed 36/2=18, 18/9=2 - 2 stacks of 2 hits each adding 9% resistance each time).
    7. The max recovery is therefore [set 1] 8*9% plus [set 2] 7*9% as long as that lowest of 3 sets was -72% or higher when her Sp3 was launched
    8. If Jessica somehow only had 2 sets of stacks she will consume 1 of the 2 and can only reclaim 10 instead of 15
    9. Likewise, if Jessica only had 1 stack she can only reclaim 5 on successful hits and will not immediately have any counter hit resistance
    Jessica would have another ability based on exploiting info gleaned from her Private Investigations of the opponent. These are all based on Synergy types between her and anyone they face and do not require her to have a synergy with anyone on her team
    1. If any of Jessica's teammates would have a synergy with any of the opposing team she can exploit it for their benefit
    2. If the synergy is common and benign (such as Health or Armor boosts from Friendship, Teammates or Family synergy types) Jessica exploits that so they are less willing to hurt her or the team, so any opponent the team faces has reduced attack power of 5% and the opponents' buffs/debuffs trigger 10% less often
    3. If the synergy is common and antagonistic (such as Critical or Attack boosts from Enemies, Nemesis or Rivals synergy types) Jessica exploits that so her team gains a passive 5% attack boost and trigger their own beneficial effects 10% more often
    4. If the synergy is unique, the opponent gains 5% less power when struck by any member of Jessica's team and Jessica's team recovers from detrimental effects 10% faster
    1. A noteworthy synergy Jessica would have is with Luke Cage based on digging deeper for their family (based on the main line of comics, she is married to Luke, has a daughter, Danielle, and is fiercely protective)
    2. For Jessica, as long as Jessica has more than one stack, instead of just reducing the rating of one or more attacks, Jessica caps the amount of damage she can sustain to a % of her current health
    3. As such if she only has 1000 health points and is hit by a 2000 point attack with a 45% resistance stack; instead of only reducing 900 attack points (2000*(100%-45%)) and being KOed by 1100 points of damage, she will instead retain 450 health points. If she has more resistance stacks she will continue to resist a knockout until all are consumed.
    4. For Luke, his cool down from being Indestructible is reduced by 15%
    5. Another noteworthy synergy is with either Misty or Howard the Duck
    6. With Misty she becomes able to resist Bleed and Critical hits 50% more effectively against Mercs
    7. With Howard she resists 25% of the Damage over Time (DoT) she would sustain from Dimensional Beings


    Class: Mystic | #Female #Metal #Offensive: Damage Over Time #Daughters of the Dragon #Defenders #Mercenary | Size: S
    Bleed, Power Leak, Chi, Armor Break

    Although Misty would be modeled after comic depictions, Colleen will have a version of the Iron Fist channeling through her sword as became the case in the Netflix depiction. As such, Colleen will have the dragon tattooed on her arm. Colleen's abilities will not be overly complex but maximizing them will take some skill:
    1. First, Colleen channels her Chi through her sword to enhance its cutting ability for chances to cause bleed
    2. In order to channel said Chi more effectively, Colleen must be able to concentrate by idling
    3. The longer she idles the higher her chance to cut an opponent with any of her sword based attacks (up to a 70% chance)
    4. If Colleen times a block well she can boost the current bleed chance by 20% for 2 seconds (potentially resulting in a max chance of 84% for any quick follow up attacks)
    5. If Colleen has to hold a block longer than 1 second her chance at bleed begins to drop
    6. Special attacks activate the Iron Fist for 4, 6 or 9 seconds (Sp1-3 respectively), in which time any bleeds caused also cause the opponent to power leak; prior bleed stacks would cauterize and instantly power burn 3% of the opponent's max power per stack
    7. Against bleed immune or armor up champs basic attacks when the Fist is active after a special a 60% chance to cause armor break (potentially up to a 74% chance for 2 seconds after a well timed block)
    8. If Colleen idles while the Fist is active she can trigger a 2%/sec regeneration of her max base health as long as she has caused a bleed (or armor break) between her last Fist activation and the current one
    9. Colleen's armor reduction rating for armor breaks, her bleed intensity and the duration of both those abilities rise with higher signature levels
    10. Colleen cannot cause armor break or boost her bleed or break % chances with her well-timed blocks unless her ability is awakened; however, she can always cause bleed as otherwise described.
    11. Her noteworthy synergies include with Misty; 'Daughters of the Dragon', enhancing Misty's potency to power controlling abilities, while enhancing her own chi duration effects by 15%
    12. Another is with Shang Chi, who has a 'Mark of the Dragon' synergy with Colleen, Misty and Iron Fist(s) that improves ability accuracy


    Class: Skill | #Male #Control: Denial #Marvel Knights #Hero | Size: M
    Fury, Power Reversal, Armor Break, Paralysis, Weakness, Heal Block

    Shang Chi would be meant to emulate Bruce Lee's fighting styles, and will use Chi to either heal himself or boost his critical strikes. The basics to his abilities would be:
    • greater damage ratings to his Heavy Attacks the higher his Power Meter is
    • second strike emulates a Karate Chop of blocks of wood and cause Armor Break and Fury when over 2 bars of power (Fury over 1 bar)
    • like Wasp, Shang's Heavy is easier to transition into from light combos that are not ended
    • faster recovery from DoT effects (since while idling their rate of expiry increases by 30, 60 or 90% depending on if Shang is under 1, 2 or 3 bars of power respectively)
    • after specials, Shang dodges physical contact melee attacks for 3 seconds while idling
    • striking critical hits can affect the flow of opponents' chi: every 3 critical hits an opponent gets a different type of Chi Disruption
    • heavies during a particular type of Disruption makes that ability lock in and stack passives, extending the length of time they could affect the opponent
    • up to 7 of 1 Disruption type, 3 of a second and 1 of the remaining 2 can be stacked while Passive
    • special attacks make the Disruptions active to cause Power Flow Reversal, Paralysis, Weakness or Ability Lock (blocking the ability to trigger Buffs or Debuffs)
    • the higher his combo, the longer opponents are Heal Blocked when Shang does 2 mediums in succession
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