Ghost Rider Judgement never activating on Act 5.1.6 nodes

I noticed as I've been finishing exploration for Act 5.1 that on the last chapter (5.1.6), GR's judgements are all or nothing on many of the fights.
My GR is 4* r4 unawakened so the fights are long (125+ hits). I use him because i can manage his health with the 6 second degen nodes.
Every node, even with the same node buffs, seem to work intermittently with his judgements activating.
I don't mean RNG either. I have played GR A LOT for a LONG time and am very familiar with his mechanics and how often they trigger.

What I mean by "all or nothing" on his judgements is that in some fights he generates judgements normally (if i fire off sp1 2-3 times i usually get a judgement by then)(same with Sp2) (without Blade synergy)
Other fights (with same node buffs and no reason not to trigger) NEVER EVER trigger even once. I will sp1 15-20 times with no judgement. Sp2 10 times with no judgement placed. Heavy attack, which is the main reason i use him on these nodes to regen some lost health from block damage and occasionally going over the 6 seconds and starting to degen, never triggers even once with up to 150 hits and trying heavy attack over 10 times. This is while never getting hit myself, and firing off 20+ specials.

Something is wrong either with him or the interaction with those nodes. Can someone take a look please?

I also wonder if this has anything to do with the blade synergy issue mentioned elsewhere on the forum after 18.1 update and activating his danger sense?

I haven't tested him elsewhere in the game since the update so it's possible this issue stems further than Act 5.
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