Suggested Improvements to AQ and Resource Arenas

I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years, and while there is so much about it I love, there are a few areas, particularly AQ and the resource arenas, that need an update to better reflect the current state of the game and improve “quality-of-life” for players at multiple levels.

AQ Update

Move to a set schedule, 4 days on, 3 days off. AQ Day 1 starts 24 hours after AW matchmaking returns. This would create a set time every week where both AW and AQ are not running. This solves two major problems for players.

1) Recruiting/changing alliances becomes easier as there is a standard time to move each week without missing a round of AQ or AQ. The current schedule creates a major source of stress for players and alliance leadership.

2) Players would have time each week where their rosters are totally clear of AQ and AW, allowing them to tackle the hardest content appropriate for their roster. Given that War demands everyone’s best champs, this is especially important for progressing players. It also gives players time to work on story mode and push to become uncollected without feeling like they have to leave their alliance (an issue brought up by a youtuber recently). Remember when AQ/AW were introduced, we weren’t getting all these Monthly Quests, Boss Rushes, Merc. Missions, ect… there was just story mode, and a lot less of it!

Proportionally increase difficulty and scoring, so, for example, an alliance running 5 days Map 5 in the old system would be able to score the same number of points in the new 4 day system., so the milestones/glory earned remains intact.

Add the T2A shard reward currently in Map 6 to Map 5, add a small amount of T5b shards to Map 6.

Resource Arenas

As far as I know, these arenas have never been updated, and they don’t reflect the current resource needs of players, or the scores that players can now achieve in the arena. We’ve seen some good additions to the arenas focused on acquiring champions with the gold reward buff and the addition of the 5* arena. Now it is time for the catalyst arenas to get some love.


Players need to be able to acquire T1A at a faster rate, and the T2A shortage also needs to be addressed.

Assume the initial milestone rewards stay the same. Introduce new milestone reward tiers:

500,000 - 1 T1A
1M - 1 T1A
1.5M - 1 T1A
2M - 1,800 T2A shards
2.5 - T1A
3M - 1,800 T2A shards
3.5 M - T1A
4M - 3,600 T2A shards


Players are running thru T4B like crazy. Instead of 1 T4B at 1.1 million, put 18,000 T4B shards at every 500,000 milestone thru 4M. If you do that whole arena to the 4M milestone you get 4 full T4B. Maybe a small chunk of T5B as a carrot at the 4M milestone.

Class Arena

As far as I know, this arena was created when T4CC was basically impossible to get, and there were no T4CC shards. In the current state of the game, this arena is basically useless. While end game players generally do not need T4CC, progressing players and especially those without an alliance have a difficult time earning them. RNG also creates a scenario where players sometimes can’t get the specific class they need for a rank up.

This arena should be changed to a rotating, class specific T4CC arena that rotates thru the 6 classes (so one time all T4cc earned is all mutant, next time skill, and so on). Since this arena appears every 9 days, it would take a little under 2 months to rotate thru the classes. Put milestones from 500,000 to 3.5m totalling 36,000 shards of the class T4cc in the milestone, with a full class T4cc in the 4m final milestone. A player who runs the whole arena walks away with 2 T4cc of the specific class.

These changes would allow players who wish to put in the work to target specific rank up resources, and would be particularly helpful for players who do not wish to participate in an alliance. An added benefit would be a reduction in the scores of the champion arenas, as players would have to do cost/benefit determination on whether to grind for champs or resources.

If a forum mode reads this, I appreciate you taking the time and respectfully ask you will pass this along to the game development team for consideration. Thanks.



  • Blitzkilla420Blitzkilla420 Posts: 561 ★★★
    OR they can just REDUCE the cost of all items in the glory store if they are not "ready" to change rewards. my constructive criticism of course
  • dano357dano357 Posts: 106
    Well I don't think anyone would be against that, but I think that would probably cut into unit sales, so it's unlikely. At the top end of the game, glory goes to war potions not rank up resources.
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