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Groot Buff Idea

shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
So we all know Groot needs buffing so here are some ideas
New ability called Splinters- a direct hit on Groot has a 25% chance to inflict bleed dealing x% damage over 6 seconds additionaly hitting groots block causes a 10% chance to inflict bleed (let's face it if you punch wood u bound to get splinters)
After an special one (change animation to where Groot uses thorn trees) Groot inflicts a thorn debuff
Thorn Debuff- runs on a timer and does really nothing until timer runs off, then it inflicts 30% of the attackers damage as physical damage and replaces itself with a poison debuff.
When a critical hit is applied on groot he has a 10% chance to armour up for 10 secs can stack up to 5.
After all specials
L1- 20% chance to gain a fury buff for 10seconds
L2- 55% chance for 2 fury buffs
L3- 90% chance for 3 fury buffs

Also enhance his Regen a little bit
So, what do u guys think? Comment Below.

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