Best way to get 5* shards

I am aware of a good way to get 5* shards such as the area however, I am not yet a the stage where I can claim many shards from any arena. I have been constantly been thinking about this but I still can't seem to come to a conclusion what do you guys think?


  • Avengerboy99Avengerboy99 Posts: 92
    Since you're not at a level to get 5* shards from arena, I'm also assuming you don't dupe 4* champs much. Your best bet is to have at least maxed out 3*/ Rank 3 4* and take them to the monthly events and do the Heroic quests 100%.
  • ValgorValgor Posts: 4
    Thanks, I am quite close to getting my first 5* hero crystal appreciate the help.
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