Okay so a while back you rolled out a change regarding the symbiods to be switched with sentinals which was a massive spanner in the works for alliances as there usually go to champs were noin useless now ome example is wolvie, but we cracked on and dealt with it, then u changed the mini bosses and when running map 5 like i do nc morningstar and goblin are not easy champs to fight without the right roster and yes before u say it i get u nees to update the game make it more challenging and to make it not so its a run through and fair play youve done that as we find map 5 day 5 quite tricky sometimes, all thats good and fine but to make the difficulty that much harder and not increase rewards is a bit off a joke aq is one of the main focuses of alliances and tbh the rewards for week in week out playing need to be updated we stay in expert every week doing map five and all we get is a t4b a few thousand t4c frags and a few map 5 and 6 crystals as well as tr4cc frag crystals and these are all the same rewards that were winnable for as long as i can remember?? Basically what im saying is with all these changes making it harder surely it would be fair to make the rewards that mucher better considering the content is that much harder??...
Whats your thoughts kabam??


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 6,114 ★★★★★
    They scaled back sentinels to basically animated punching bags. They are literally the easiest fight in map 5. There have been many threads about AQ rewards. Mods have alluded to changes coming but havent said anything. I dont expect anything though. AQ has become stale again for map 5. Not a challenge at all.
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