Power visual glitch

So I was doing an AQ fight, and after I used an l3, this happened. Not sure if it’s just doctor voodoo, but Im guessing fw4bthduigbr.png
it’s not just him.


  • This happened to me in master event quest... fighting ant man no pic though
  • Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 887 ★★★
    Yeah, I’ve seen that too
    Seems to happen if you use a special immediately after crossing a threshold
  • SpiderCoolsSpiderCools Posts: 558 ★★
    I thought i was the only one to experience this. Yeah it needs to get fixed
  • AndyBaron7AndyBaron7 Posts: 216
    That same issue gets worse I had that actually filling from both sides and my power bar also had 2 grey blocks on it and failed to fill at all in uncollected quest I also had it on the boss in aq this evening 2. I’m iPhone X iOS 11.4
  • AndyBaron7AndyBaron7 Posts: 216
    I see only you had that the ai also had that for me and his filled both sides
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