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Fairness and war

SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
Recently my alliance has encountered several piloting alliances, as well as a player who is either the best player in the universe and defies logic or used hacks.

I’ve seen more of these types of things as we close in on the top bracket of plat 3 and we almost hit plat 2.

Kabam ‘punished ’ both of these alliances recently by dropping their war rating, yet they ruined our experience and dropped us down far enough to potentially lose out on plat 2 rewards.

Our alliance lost out to known cheaters and we can’t get our rating higher without legit fights, even though the cheating alliances were ‘punished’.

The alliances involved were about to hit/ hit plat 2 and were dropped down far enough in plat 3 that it’s unlikely that they can get into plat 2, yet they would have earned plat 3 rewards without cheating and so how does this feel like much of a punishment?

They might have been using the following tactics throughout wars and cost many people their chances at pushing higher up and yet they still get some nice rewards.

The alliances that were cheated out of a win will lose out on potentially higher rewards due to alliances like these and though I like that they were punished, it’s clear that these slaps on the wrist fall drastically short of a punishment.

Our alliance was robbed and Kabam won’t replace lost points for those cheated but ‘punish’ the cheaters.

I’d like to ask the community whether you all think that there should be far, far harsher punishments for cheating alliances and also if Kabam should look at alliances that fought against cheating alliances and should have points added due to the circumstances.


  • Exact same thing happens to us and absolutely no response from kabam.
    This has turn into marvel contest of cheats!
  • SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
    I hope Kabam step up to the plate and deal with this fairly as many of us are being penalised due to cheats.
  • Bear3Bear3 Posts: 996 ★★★
    They should def take points away from the cheating alliances... drop them far down from where they are.. like you said, not just to where they would be without cheating but a lesson learned by dropping them say from plat 2/3 to silver or gold 2/3 (seems harsh? Don’t cheat). I feel for you on having POTENTIALLY lost points from facing the cheating alliances HOWEVER, I don’t agree that points should be added, as there’s no guarantee the non cheating allaince would have won those wars and may be receiving points they wouldn’t have gotten. Sucks for those who faced cheaters, much harsher punishments I think are the answer, and will cut down cheating quickly once people see they do t like the consequences. Sorry, I don’t agree points should be added. Still might have lost.
  • ezmoneyezmoney Posts: 208
    kabam needs to remove this offenders from the season period. No rewards... no dropping leagues and points. Straight season ban if not a permanent ban. People pay for units to assist in aw and cheaters are basically stealing $$$ from legit players. Figure it out kabam @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious
  • RaganatorRaganator Posts: 2,302 ★★★★★
    Can we all please stop tagging mods in EVERY. SINGLE. POST.
  • Steve76sSteve76s Posts: 23
    Our alliance members have all worked diligently in progressing to platinum league. Purchased boosts, pots, etc. We have been cheated on numerous occasions but, all kabam does a slip on the wrist and throw out purchase offers. An alliance can tell when players are cheating based off of skill set alone In most cases. The penalties should be so severe that it would scare anyone from cheating. Recommendation: let leader know who cheated and ban that player 2) alliance caught cheating should be removed from season rewards if more then 1 player cheated or atleast dropped to the bottom of previous tier 3) if an alliance was subjected to another alliance cheating then the alliance who played the game right should automatically be awarded the points
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    FimsonCrog wrote: »
    Unfortunately, the alliances that face these "dropped alliances" are affected with the collateral damage of them being dropped. Very unfortunate. I would propose that these "dropped alliance" (that were dropped by Kabam for a reason), should face a blackout of some sort to the keep the trickle down effect fair throughout.

    Agree. This has to be tempered with a way for officers to know who cheated. Otherwise and entire alliance (could be yours one day) gets temp or perma-banned for 2 players who cheat without the rest of the alliance knowledge.
    Before the punishment gets harsher for alliance as a whole, there should be protection for legit alliances who have uncover cheaters. I think Kabam waiting to levy HUGE penalties is rightly considered given their inability to inform of cheaters.
  • 7slayerMDK7slayerMDK Posts: 18
    The problem also is, these alliances are mostly the whales that generate 80% of kabams revenue... what a conundrum for Kabam. Probably why the punishment doesn’t fit
  • HeartlessHeartless Posts: 298 ★★
    Season points should be taken, enough to where they get dropped to gold 1 or worse, and they should be locked in their alliance till end of season.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 15,098 Guardian
    FYI when alliances get the hammer, their rating AND season rank flush them south. By default, those who didn't rank down see their position rise accordingly. The penalty is fairly harsh for top tiers (just ask NAME REDACTED if you can find them), in that you go from your x7 multiplier to x4 or worse. Sure, if you're already in x4, it looks unfair, but hey, it's still a big drop.

    The penalty is high, but it is not as high as it appears on the surface. If you're in tier 1 (x7) the average non-cheating alliance is generally winning about half their wars with point scores around 140k - 150k or thereabouts. That means their average score is probably around 145k plus half the victory bonus of 50k, or 170k. With the multiplier, that's 1,190,000 points. If they were penalized deeply enough to drop to x4 multiplier, that's tier 5. An intrinsic tier 1 alliance is probably going to win all their wars against tier 5 competition. That means their average score in tier 5 is going to be closer to 195k, or 780k with the x4 multiplier. It could be even higher if the tier 5 alliance leaves a lot of defenders on the board because they can't clear the tier 1 defense. It might look like their points were almost cut in half with the multiplier change, but in actual fact their points are probably cut by closer to two thirds instead, and that value rises with each war they win and climb back upward. Averaged out across their climb back up, their actual multiplier penalty is probably closer to only about 15-20% loss in points.

    For a high tier alliance in a high bracket, that is still a significant penalty. But it probably isn't as high as intended to be a harsh punishment. Kabam should implement multiplier penalties instead, something I've been advocating since season one. With a multiplier penalty, your rating stays the same so your tier stays the same which means you still have to match against tier 1 competition (or whatever tier you are in). But your multiplier is artificially reduced by some factor. If you want an alliance to suffer a genuine 50% reduction in points for, say, five wars, you apply a 50% multiplier penalty for five wars. Their points are reduced without any side effects due to ratings fluctuations or changing competition strength.

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