Regarding: June 19th 6-Star Featured Hero Crystal

Greetings Summoners,

Yesterday, some of you encountered an issue when attempting to open a 6-Star Featured Hero Crystal. This was caused by a bug that occurred when the Crystal was going to award you with one of the 6 newly added “non-featured” 6-Star Champions listed below:

The Hood
Doctor Octopus
Punisher 2099

This bug caused an error message to appear when the Crystal had determined it was going to award you one of these Champions, but could not. We know that many of you opened your crystal again, and this time were awarded a Champion.

This crystal was not working as intended, but because Summoners received newer Champions and may be happy with the Champion they received afterwards, we had to make some special considerations when determining how we could make this right.

We have gathered a list of all Summoners that received this Error Message, and then reopened the Crystal to receive a new Champion. If you are one of those affected Summoners, you have the opportunity to send a ticket to our Support Team and request that the Champion you received be removed, and the crystal returned to you. This will only be done once, and even if you do not like the Champion you receive afterwards, that will be the final reward.

While we did see reports from some Summoners that their carousel looked like it landed on a different Champion, we have determined that this was not the case, and would like to remind you that the Reel Animation does not actually determine the Reward of the Crystal.

The Featured 6-Star Hero Crystal will also return Today at 10 am Pacific Time.
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