Regarding Collusion in Alliance Wars


A number of you have taken the time to report a pattern of behaviour in Alliance Wars that you feel violates the spirit and competitive nature of Alliance Wars. This is referring to the act of Collusion, when 2 or more Alliances make agreements behind closed doors that affect the outcome of their match.

This behaviour not only has a negative effect on Alliances that do not partake in collusion, but on the standings of all Alliances, and the leaderboards of Alliance Wars Seasons in general.

This behaviour violates the spirit of Alliance Wars, and The Contest as a whole, and is not allowed. We will not tolerate this kind of manipulation of Alliance Wars, and will punish Alliances for this behaviour in the same manner we do for Piloting, and the use of 3rd Party Software to unbalance the game. Actions will be taken on Alliances after an investigation has been conducted, and we are confident in our verdict. This means that we base our actions on in-game evidence. Screenshots from chats, or 2nd hand information will not be considered, as these are easily manipulated and not reliable evidence.


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