148k+ player. Want to join an alliance which plays every event, alliance quest and alliance war.

Hello guys. I am a 148k+ player. I want an alliance that is always active for every event. Find me on MCOC as "Saket Stark". I would prefer an alliance where I am the least ranked one so that I can learn as much as possible. I have leveled uo from 142k to 148k in just 2 weeks without spending money.


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    B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,637 ★★★
    We can use you. 4 mil alliance clearing map 4 with 3BGs. We do 2-3 wars per week. Weekly SA. Low donations. Very organized.

    B_Dizzle_01 ign
    B_Dizzle_01#1147 discord
    b_dizzle_01 line
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    BackjrBackjr Posts: 31
    Have you found an alliance yet? We are looking for 1 asap. We run map5 all week, so wars few times weekly. Silver 1. Sa weekly, 3day comp. And duels. Friend me in game. Must have line app.
    Line ID- Backjr
    GameID - backjr
    Hope to hear from u soon
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