Hulkbuster More Abilities?

Should they add more abilities to hulkbuster? He is bada$$ in the movie. But in game? No he is not. There needs to be a change.


  • Themis_xwsthsThemis_xwsths Posts: 225
    Look at juggernaut deadpool xforce and colossus buddy lots of them need a buff but kabam has stopped the reworks with luke cage and red hulk...
  • SuperChronaSuperChrona Posts: 223
    Even small adjustments like increase strength, health, Critical rate, critical dmg, or increase chance to trigger abilities on some of these champs would be a great way to make these champs a bit better.

    Make a poll each month with selected champs and have the community select a champ to get a minor upgrade.

    Let's say that hulkbuster gets selected:

    - Increase health with 20%--> gets him around King Groot lvl. Where he should be health wise
    - Increase attack with 10%--> Just needs to hit a bit harder
    - Increase chance to trigger armor up to 20%

    Nothing in the above adjustments is game breaking and will make him a bit more attractive. Easy to implement.

    We don't need everyone to get a red hulk or luke cage fix, where they move from the bottom to the top champs in the game.
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