MCOC for windows

NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 281

My smartfone broke. And i cant buy new one soon, and dont have a replacment. So ide like to know if there is some way to play this game in windows? I read somewhere that there is some emulators, but we cant use because its against the rules, and i dont want to spoil the ally where i am.

Other problem is we comunicate by Line, and like i cant start phone, i cant comunicate in line with my ally.

@Michalios if you read this, plz tell in ally i liked very much play with you all. But cant play more due phone issues. Plz replace my account by other active one, and tell everyone was a plesure play with you all. And Kick my accout of ally, because i cant login anymore. And sorry to quit in midle of war and aq, but this happend and i cant solve. Good luck to you all, you are with 3 srtong and active bgs, hope see you anoter time. Gretings all.


  • Severus35Severus35 Posts: 64
    Sorry about your phone :/
    Line for windows do exist though. You can still keep in touch with your alliance until you get a new device. :)
  • NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 281
    Thanks for advice.
    I Already try install line for windows, but seems is necessary the code that go to the phone. And i cant login the phone :(
  • MichaliosMichalios Posts: 5
    @NCB_pt hey man, regards from everyone on Ally. Really missing you already m8... as soon as you can get a new phone and get back to the game we will always make room for you
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