Looking for relax alliance ( AQ 1-3)

Hi Boys, I made a troll post earlier so if anyone remembers my name from few days ago know that was a joke. Sadly my topic got deleted before I could respond or see the messages. Anyways I am looking for an alliance to relax for a bit. aQ maps as low as possible / no event minimums / AW tier doesn’t matter to me. I am used to plat 3 / close to 7K prestige if interested. Thank you!


  • Hey, we might be a good fit for you. Hit me up on Line. My name is romellogrean
  • SuperFarzSuperFarz Posts: 163
    Added - Line ID is farzam89
  • 7fks7fks Posts: 13
    My line ID is 7bBlaziN💥(7fks) I got a spot for you probably :) let me know
  • SborlaxSborlax Posts: 248
    Let's chat in LINE, my id is Sborlax.
  • shashankchromeshashankchrome Posts: 77
    For how long are you planning to stay in the alliance?
    We are recruiting for 3-4 good payers and if you're active in Aw/AQ, we'd love to host you.

    We do AQ maps 3-2-2-1-1.

    Pretty chilled out alliance with lots of bantering going on in our whtsap group

    Anyway, hit me up and check my alliance.

    My game id is: shashankchrome
  • SuperFarzSuperFarz Posts: 163
    Thank you guys. Got like 10 + offers. I will decide tonight when I get home from work. Not looking further anymore.
  • Andlow94Andlow94 Posts: 79
    Hey man! I have a new alliance, just started last this past season, we are currently recruiting strong AW focused players 5k prestige or higher. Only map 3 AQ, no donations. We finished bronze 3 this past season due to being a new team and only havin 10 members. Our goal is to eventually reach gold 1/plat 3. If we can reach 30 members before next season I strongly believe we can finish gold 1. The alliance is: [EWØTB] Elite Warrior of the Battlerealm.

    Add me on line if interested: andlow1
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