[806TX] LBK 806 BEST is looking for a few experienced, skilled players with a minimum prestige of 5700. We are a highly organized and skilled group of players looking to find some replacements for loyal members who wish to take an extended break or retire, following the end of Season 2. We are an AW focused alliance, but obviously run maps 5x5. We usually place under 700 for AQ.

If interested, please reply to the thread, message me directly on the forums, or contact me via LINE. Username feeney234. Serious inquiries only please.

Aw Tier 4
War Rating: 2110
Season 1 - Gold 1
Season 2 - Gold 1, Rank 52
Donations: 135k Gold | 30k BC | 12.5k Loyalty

LINE app required and communication is of the utmost importance.
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