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Who shall I rank up to rank 4 as a 4*

Who shall I rank up to rank 4 as a 4* 16 votes

Nightcrawler (unawakened)
HollowbornHazmat911bm3eppsStark78Alfatufan_1974shadow_lurker22Maldroit2Spidermonkey902MKULTRAFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSaket_123 11 votes
Kingpin (awakened)
Icecold2099Cowboyschamploo1 2 votes
Thor (unawakened)
Noob2435Solotrix 2 votes
Howard the duck (unawakened)
Star-lord (unawakened)
DrownedGod 1 vote


  • RoyalPlasmaRoyalPlasma Posts: 73
    Nightcrawler is a real pest on defense.
    Nightcrawler (unawakened)
    Nightcrawler will definitely get you defensive kills however you may want to hold off ranking him up jic you dupe your star lord or thor which are both great especially star lord, that sob will get you through tonnes of difficult content just like he did for me.
  • Icecold2099Icecold2099 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Kingpin (awakened)
    I said Kingpin based on the current awakened status. He's good on defense and offense.
    Does black iso damage with sp1, unstoppable from sp2, and unstoppable heavy.

    Nightcrawler is still a pain as a defender, but if he switches stances he's a piece of cake to beat.
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