**WE ARE NO LONGER Temporarily Reverting Tier 1 War Ban System**

After further discussion, the game team has made the decision not make adjustements to the ban system.
The previously proposed fix would have resolved the issue for Summoners who are on the cusp of T1/T2 play, and negatively impacted Alliances more securely in T1. Instead, we recommend that cusp Alliances switch to Manual Placement to your members to place the allotted 5 Ban Champions limit there.

Apologies for the back and forth, and for any confusion.

There is a better way to play - Join SWYPE

After the new rules change in AW, I think more and more people are seeing it our way. Think about how much resources you waste in that hardcore alliance that runs nonstop war and 5X5 aq. Are you sure you couldn't have just used those units you wasted in AW to just buy those rewards? And now it is only going to get worse with the new rules. And what about all the special events you missed because all your champs were tied up all the time - like the Merc missions going on right now. Were you able to do the master level each time it came on, or did you have to skip them because you didn't have the champs available? Or worse, did you find yourself using healing potions to get through it with your C-team, again, wasting precious units that you could have just used for very rewards you are laboring to win? This game has turned into a rat race. If you know anything about the rat race in real life, the people running in circles as fast as they can aren't the ones winning the race.

We do things differently at SWYPE. We have very high aq prestige so that even running 2X5 and 2 bgs, we land comfortably into the advanced tier. We don't run war nonstop. We understand that war is a scam, so we run 1 bg and war is optional. Your champs will always be as free as you want them to be to do all the events available. You can finally finish the story quests. You can take a breath for once. Or you can go back to another grinder alliance and waste hundreds more hours of your life grinding arena to pay for that 5X5 treasury demand and follow the script that Kabam has placed in front of you just to get the same rewards you would have gotten if you had time to do the events. You know you want make the right choice. Friend me in the game or Line - my login is the same has here - thiazole.


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    thiazolethiazole Posts: 45
    I should point out that because our aq prestige is so high, even map 2 can be a bit too challenging for people who don't at least have a good set of R4 4*s, and most of our alliance is a lot stronger than that. Just to give you an idea, the 3 opponents surrounding Dorm have PIs of about 10,000 in our map 2.
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