Yesterday: "Your diverse champs aren't good defenders and too many people are 100%ing the map"

TyEdgeTyEdge Posts: 296
Today: "You can still use those champs on defense even though we just acknowledged they're inferior. No, you can't have rank-down tickets."

At best, it seems like we're being encouraged to place sub-optimal defenders. At worst, it seems like a clear contradiction. Thanks to a run of bad luck, I haven't been able to spin a mutant t4cc in about the last 10 tries. I've grinded over 3 months of map 5 crystals, map 6 crystals, and glory store purchases to get to 3.5 of them, ready to r4 a mutant. I know I've got a must-rank champ, but I can't imagine the frustration if I wasted all that time only to find out the devs removed the reason I did it without any notice or recourse. It seems like a decision guaranteed to alienate customers and bring negativity in the community.

If Kabam has plans for future war seasons, especially now that seasons are shorter, please share the plans to the extent they affect the use of major resources. Will diversity be used in alternate seasons? 2 on, 2 off? If summoners knew that, they wouldn't react as harshly. I understand that mistakes happen that require immediate adjustments, and I understand Kabam wanting an evolving meta to maintain interest in the game. When executed well, that's a great thing. An enormous part of that is managing players' expectations and making them feel like they're in the loop on major changes.
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