Alliance Wars Season 3 - An Update


Yesterday we made an announcement about some upcoming changes to Alliance Wars, and you let us know you had big concerns with these plans.

After discussing these concerns, we've decided to reverse our decision to remove Defender Diversity points from Alliance War scoring. We previously committed to you that we would not make large changes too fast and without more communication. The planned change to Defender Diversity points violates that commitment.

We will continue to make changes with each season of Alliance Wars to keep the mode fresh, competitive and interesting. However, we know we need to keep a balance between freshness versus changing the rules and giving you time to react. We got that balance wrong here. We're taking plans to remove Defender Diversity off our docket for now, and will go back to the drawing board on ways to improve Alliance Wars, as well as our communication with you.

We will still be applying the announced changes to the Alliance Wars Maps. As always we will monitor the results of these Map changes, and will adjust things if needed. You’ll have your first chance to try out these new Maps on July 5th, when matchmaking for that week starts again. We look forward to hearing your feedback on the new Nodes and Buffs.

We realize not all of your feedback has been addressed in this decision. We are listening, and taking your feedback into account in our future plans. Communication is something we have committed to improving, and we have more work to do there.

Thank you for bringing your passion to The Contest every day.
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