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Which Cosmic to rank up?

I have Awakened Gamora and MS Marvel as 4/40 4*. I am confused who else to rank up to 4/40 among the listed ones. I personally like thor but fight becomes easy using drax if the opponent bleeds. I use drax more than Thor then again he is not awakened. Please help me with this.pzsyl0xz6rp2.png

Which Cosmic to rank up? 39 votes

Drax Unawakened
the_rudy_vibes 1 vote
Thor Awakened
DarkZenvg2782Jank39AfridTendersquadYotzsmorganismSpeedbumpAkashGAM3RGUYAustd001_RapidlySegalionSuperSam57Arpan_ApiCarme1974tufan_1974Crazyjack719SandeepSToasterNatter 31 votes
Captain Marvel Awakened
KandyManMishman07 2 votes
None of the above
Bruinsfan8510Reverend_RuckusDedaminCereal123ComptonKid 5 votes


  • KandyManKandyMan Posts: 17
    Captain Marvel Awakened
    Captain Marvel is really awesome with her absorption ability. But Superior Iron man's arc overload is also nice. Personally, I prefer Captain marvel.
  • Arpan_ApiArpan_Api Posts: 2
    Thor Awakened
    Bro get up with thor, and you will find whats voting him
  • Saket_123Saket_123 Posts: 139
    Thor is 4/40 now. Thankyou all.
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